Our Aim is total roof control.
We are offering our innovative Hum-ID system:
The first worldwide and only reliable electronic roof survey system,
which can be operated by anybody.

And all of this at an unbelievable price.

Our innovative Hum-ID sensor system for non- destructive survey is addressed to roofers, construction owners, architects and private customers. Hum-ID invented the first powerful and cost-efficient alterna-tive regarding conventional leak seek systems. It allows a flexible, punctu-al and non- destructive analysis of the roof – anytime.

Architect and construction engineer Mr. Gerd Müller got the idea to in-vent the Hum-ID system at one of his frequent final acceptances. Mr. Gerd Müller worked intensively on the opportunities of humidity sensor tech-niques and got connected with the developer scene.

Mr. Müller applied to register the new developed sensor technique as a patent. During the next months, in the laboratory and in several field tests, the brand new technology got optimized.

The brand Hum-ID became a trademark and at the same time the product development got adjusted to the target group. The software of the HUM-ID Reader got tested in many usability-tests and got adapted to the cus-tomer needs.

The company Hum-ID GmbH was founded and registered. The Name Hum-ID is a combination of the terms “humidity” and “Identification”. In autumn 2013 the Hum-ID GmbH began to supply Hum-ID Sensors to roofers, construction owners, architects and private customers.

Hum-ID starts the partner program and delivers its products to roofers all over Germany.

Hum-ID gets more and more attention from various magazines and journals (i.e. DETAIL, Dach+Holzbau, DDH). In June Hum-ID increases its distribution network massively.