Bauwerkskontrolle per Sensor

Sicherheit in 3 Schritten

For almost every kind of roof

For many materials and types of flat roofs, i.e. ventilated, non-ventilated: The flexible Hum-ID Sensors can be used for various types of flat roofs. You can count on the innovative System even on green roofs

The optimized reading range of the HD X1 Hum-ID Roofscanner allows the use also on roofs with installed photovoltaic systems.

The Hum-ID sensors, as passive receivers and the Roof-scanner as the active sender, can communicate through almost any material, such as covering layers of grit, synthetic materials and bitumen sheetings.

Suitable for

ventilated roofs


non-ventilated roofs


green roofs


roofs with photovoltaic systems


Detect the roof’s weak points

Hum-ID permits the exact and regular control of flat roofs. Therefore you are safe from surprises, because the intelligent sensors report any small leak to the Roof-scanner. Extreme weather conditions can damage even the best built roof. Hum-ID shows you the position of the damage without opening the roof. You will save in repair costs and materials, because you will only have to renovate the damaged area.

Hum-ID handheld HDX1