"100% certainty
for me and
my clients."

HUM-ID is the digital
Seal of tightness for the roof.

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"Roof inspection
was never that easy"

Hum-ID is an extremely simple and at the same time convincingly accurate system. No complex calculations, no wiring, no costly training. Hum-ID puts roof control, from installation to reading, back in the hands of the roofer.

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für das Dach

Wetness and standing water in the roof structure can be precisely localized with HUM-ID. This allows potential danger spots to be identified and repaired at an early stage.

for you

Since can already be tested directly after installation and for acceptance, you can safeguard yourself with HUM-ID and prove the 100% tightness of the flat roof beyond any doubt.

for your clients

Your customers have certainty about the condition of the roof with HUM-ID, they can plan refurbishments according to demand and thus get more out of the roof in the long term.

Gerald Märksch,
Master roofer from Schenkendöbern

"... leaks (can be) localized quickly so that repairs can be carried out in good time and with pinpoint accuracy. In my eyes, sensors are currently the only economically viable option for monitoring on flat roofs. "

Source: Dachbau Magazin 4/16

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Becom certified HUM-ID roofer

If you are interested, please contact the HUM-ID head office in Berlin by phone or send us an email to info@hum-id.com.


Our certified partners The companies are recommended for eligible construction projects after screening. You also benefit from our wide-ranging communication and marketing activities.

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Jan Michel,
Project managet, Wetzlar
Dach- und Bautechnik GmbH

"I am convinced by the simple handling. Checking is not so easy with any other system. The effort is insignificant in relation to the total cost of a roof or renovation."

Source: FAZ, 4.10.2016

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