Security for architects

Architects and construction companies know very well that a secure flat roof is the proof of a high quality work performance. The obligation to install an electronic impermeability checks system is increasingly required.
Such a system guaranties the perfect condition of the roof at the moment in which the building is being handed in. Hum-ID is more exact, simpler and more competitive than all other systems. Once installed, you can con-trol your flat roof any time and as often as necessary. Potential leaks can be discovered better and renovation costs can be reduced.

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Store closed?

Hopefully only on Sunday. Prevent retail failures with Hum-ID.


For high demands

Exquisite luxury apartments, noble city lofts, elite residential units:
Expensive construction projects need reliable protection.


Makes safety visible

With Hum-ID you avoid all the consequences of a leak: the roof remains stable and can be repaired selectively in the event of damage.