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The professional sensor system from HUM-ID for roof, wall and floor. Because it works.

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The file with the extension .d81 is a file format standardized by GAEB (Gemeinsamer Ausschuss Elektronik im Bauwesen) for the data exchange of bills of quantities.

Hum-ID combines the advantages of the most common form of leak testing - classic roof inspection - with the benefits of electronically supported inspection. In addition to the reliability of the system, the favorable price also plays a role for planners and building owners.

Hum-ID is an innovative system for the integrated leakage control of flat roofs. This means that a flat roof equipped with Hum-ID during new construction or renovation can be checked for potential leaks at any time and with centimeter precision after completion of the construction phase. This means that countermeasures can be taken at an early stage and maintenance costs can be reduced to a minimum.

Advantages over subsequent leak detection methods

Roof inspection has so far been carried out only a posteriori in the vast majority of cases: Leakage detection systems are used when it is already too late, i.e. when a roof already shows noticeable damage. None of the existing systems on the market has really been able to establish itself: Leakage detection is often inaccurate, extremely expensive and even poses a risk to the structure itself, as most systems are not non-destructive.

Hum-ID is taking a new approach here with its integrated roof inspection. Instead of only spot leakage checks afterwards, area-wide control of the entire flat roof is possible at any time.

Advantages over permanent, wired control systems

In wired roof control systems, the roofs are equipped with electrically conductive material, contact boxes and contact plates must be additionally integrated into the roof surfaces. As soon as DC voltage is applied to the material, it is possible to localize damp spots. In addition to methodological weaknesses, one aspect in particular speaks against the wired systems: The price.

The high acquisition and operating costs are therefore not worthwhile for most building owners. For a long time, systematic roof inspection was considered an expensive luxury in the industry. But times have changed.

Hum-ID is the most innovative and cost-effective system.

In addition to the many practical advantages, the wireless system is particularly convincing due to its cost-effectiveness.


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Hopefully only on Sunday. Prevent retail failures with Hum-ID.


For high demands

Exquisite luxury apartments, noble city lofts, elite residential units:
Expensive construction projects need reliable protection.


Makes safety visible

With Hum-ID you avoid all the consequences of a leak: the roof remains stable and can be repaired selectively in the event of damage.