Your dream shall not turn into a nightmare

My own house, finally. Real estate gives security for the elder, but house owners get grey hair often earlier. The planning and construction of a house is often a hassle. It is not only important that the building is in a perfect conditions, when it is finished: It shall above all keep these condi-tions for many years.

Live better – without stress
Bungalows, Penthouses ´and compound houses´ roofs are often an exam-ple, that real estate can not only mean life-long happiness, but also life-long anger. The innovative Hum-ID system for leak control and roof survey is now available for private customers.

Installing Hum-ID sensors means security due to control. You can control your roof anytime and as often as wanted. Be safe and do not risk any bad surprises.

Hum-ID Roofers in your region

Be proactive

HUM-ID keeps you roof safe


Always under presure

Your roof has to suffer a lot.
Hum-ID will detect in time
when the roof has got damages.


The alert system

Almost like a smoke detector,
Hum-ID identifies humidity –
in a reliable and punctual way.