Protecting assets

HUM-ID sensors enables you to protect your flat roof. They make your building more secure, minimize the costs for maintenance and give you the strongest argument when you want to sell the property: A 100% dry roof.

The roof. Under pressure

Extreme rainfall, ice, snow, ultraviolet rays: Flat roof are extremely exposed to all kinds of environmental  influences. The promised life span given by the manufactures are almost never reached. For a simple reason: Damages within the sealing couldn’t most likely never be detected.  HUM-ID gives the full transparency building owners wish to have: With the HUM-ID scanners you are able to look through the material and detect damaged sealings before it’s too late. 

A leak-proof roof – permanently

HUM-ID offers a built-in waterless warranty for the most important component of your building. The wireless sensors are detect wetness and stagnant water in the roof. Simple and accurate – at any time:  Directly on the construction works to proof the leak tightness between different lots, as a maintenance tool during business or when it comes to the technical due diligence. HUM-ID sensors gives you the opportunity to control the roof whenever it is needed.

The Benefits for building owners

for Planning

Increased quality standards 
of the construction scheme beforehand

for the execution

A better leakage-avoidance concept
through controls between contractors

for the approval

Legal certainty
when you approve the roofers job

for maintenance

Reduce costs through early dection
of leaks and quick and targeted repairs

for restoration

Cartain proof of restauration success
with selective or extensive control

for reselling

Increased reale value
with consistently protocols

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