The perfect roof – thanks to Hum-ID

Every day more awarding authorities, building owners and architects are requesting an impermeability-test as a standard procedure.Today, no modern flat roof can forego a leak seeking system.

Hum-ID is the invention in the construction market. Never before could you find such a simple and efficient system, which keeps your roof-construction inexpensive. And never before could you find a more advan-tageous and beneficial solution, which hits exactly the needs of every Roofer, Slater and Tiller. Be ahead of your competitors and count on tech-nology made in Germany.

Simple and genius

Simple and genius

„The most convincing quality of Hum-ID is the system´s simplicity. The installation of the Sensors is uncomplicated and fast. The roof check works at acceptance of work or at the rotational check in the wink of an eye. An exact diagnose as simple as it could be.“

Clients are pleased

Clients are pleased

„Hum-ID offers, what Building owners want: 100% control, 100% Security.
And certainly I profit from Hum-ID in many ways. As a Hum-ID Partner I do earn on every installed sensor, on every flat roof and on every roof-check. The number of potential clients multiplied in one blow“

It pays off

It pays off

„The best argument for my clients? The configuration of a flat roof with Hum-ID is already more beneficial then a single leak seek with other sys-tems. Additionally, you can control your roof over and over again. Only Hum-ID allows a located renovation.“

Hum-ID is simple

  Easy principle
  Easy setup
  Robust, passive sensors
  No fault liability
  Intuitive use of the device

Hum-ID is flexible

  Fast and easy installation
  Uncomplicated roof-testing
  Miscellaneous applications
  Use is scalable

Hum-ID is affordable

  Competitive sensors
  Exact calculable purchase
  No follow-up costs
  One Roof-scanner for all flat roofs
  Follow-up orders and services guaranteed

On the roofs, get set, go!

With Hum-ID, you literally have the security of your roof in your hand. Once the sensors are installed at the moment of a renovation or in a new building, you, as a roofer, can check the impermeability of the roof any-time with your Hum-ID Roof-scanner. The device identifies the installed sensors through the different material layers and saves the information about the humidity in the roof. A long alarm sound and a big red signal will indicate a wet location. Therefore, you can check the whole roof over and over again for damages. Simple and reliable.

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100% impermeability check
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