Under control.

Detect moisture and stagnant water at an early stage. With Hum-ID’s sensors and scanner. Ingeniously simple. Simply ingenious.
Proved and tested frequently.

Dachkontrolle in der Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung
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“The future of

leak detection”

From leading German newspapers like the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung to professional journals like Detail Green: Everyone is talking about the next generation of roof control.

Dachkontrolle per RFID

Flexible. Convenient. Clever.

Excellent Software

Useful, compatible und easy to use

Full Power

Reads your sensors through all layers and loads

Highly flexible

Thanks to the cable- and battery-free system

Unbreakable and robust

Made for the whole life cycle of a flatroof

Hum-ID in action

Hum-ID is rated as the proof for impermeability for building companies and processors

From the regional electricity supplier to the multinational enterprises – from the family home to the big industrial buildings: Hum-ID is the #1 choice for effective roof control.

Hum-ID Referenzen 2016
Hum-ID Referenzen München 2016
Referenzen Thumb 2
Hum-ID Referenzen Berlin 2016
In 3 Schritten

How it works

Integration 0:34

Simply push the sensors into the insulation.

Register 0:19

Register all sensors of your project.

Water detection 0:40

Control the state of every single sensor.

Der Dachscan

Makes humidity visible.