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The sensor system for processors

Germany's most popular monitoring system for moisture detection in construction is not only the first choice for builders and planners. Installers also appreciate the uncomplicated and cost-effective sensor technology for wetness detection. Thanks to simple handling, easy installation and fast checks, the wetness sensors are becoming standard equipment for more and more roofers. The digital dryness seal is the proof of quality for clean and tight workmanship.

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Quick overview: Installation and control of the sensors


Overview of authorized HUM-ID trading partners in Germany and Europe

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Overview of certified HUM-ID partner companies in Germany

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Mehr Sicherheit durch elektronische Berichte


Sensor-based wetness control helps you control the quality of your work. Check the execution internally during the construction phase and prove the tightness to the building owner with a digital control report during acceptance phase. 

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Secure long-term repeat business by installing HUM-ID wireless sensors. You can offer regular and quick sensor checks as an additional service. As a HUM-ID partner with your own roof scanner, you have a significantly better chance of obtaining lucrative maintenance contracts.

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Convince at the contractor meeting with the offer to install HUM-ID sensors for safeguarding. Present yourself as an innovative exporter who also thinks beyond the warranty period. Make the difference with HUM-ID.

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The costly and time-consuming installation of control nozzles is a thing of the past with HUM-ID. Place spot sensors wherever there are potential damaged areas and check immediately after execution whether the areas are wet or dry.

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Save money on defect repair by targeting the point of damage. The roof scanner's locating function lets you isolate wet spots in the roof structure with centimeter precision. As a result, damaged areas can be safely repaired and subsequently checked for dryness with less material and less time. 

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Tatsachen statt Schuldzuweisungen: With the digital inspection report, which you can send at the touch of a finger from the HUM-ID app, you are also on the safe side with regard to subsequent trades: Because at the time of acceptance, the roof was tight.

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