Our goal is full control of the structure.

With the innovative Hum-ID system, we offer the professional standard for reliable and cost-saving electronic roof, wall and floor control.



New year, new app: In its fourth version, the free app for all iOS and Android devices has been thoroughly revised and supplemented with essential new features. A significantly simplified sensor control, the ability to add images to the project and export as CSV are just some of the new features. More exciting product launches, covering both hardware and software, are planned for Quarter 4. In June, the partner program was expanded. An overview of our certified HUM-ID partners can be found at here. Also new to the program: Our webinars.. The individually bookable information and training dates offer a compact introduction to the topic of sensor control.


HUM-ID GmbH is expanding its product portfolio - and the areas of application for its award-winning wetness detection. In February at the Dach+Holz in Stuttgart the KD1 wetness sensor was presented to the general public. Based on the proven functional principle of the flat roof sensors WD1, the new sensor can be applied especially in the floor area. In addition to underfloor heating systems, wet rooms, kitchen waterproofing or basement areas can also be a potential source of wetness damage. You can find an overview of this here.


HUM-ID wins in May the Smart Construction Challenge as the only German company. The competition is organized by a renowned consortium around Bosch, Siemens and Cisco. The competition aims to promote particularly promising solutions from the booming technology fields of IoT, digitalization and blockchain. With SFS as an international sales partner the internationalization is being driven forward. The first HUM-ID roofs are checked for wetness in the Czech Republic, Italy and the Netherlands. Series production of the KD1 - a sensor specially designed for cold roofs and floors - also begins.


Together with the insulation specialist ISOBOUW, HUM-ID will be presenting at the Dach&Holz in Cologne the world's first insulation board with integrated leakage detection. The flat roof insulation board ILOS with HUM-ID Inside already contains the proven HUM-ID sensor ex works. As nominee for the Innovation Award 2018  HUM-ID show a first glimpse of the HUM-ID App. die HUM-ID App. From late summer 2018, the first version of the practical application for iOS and Android devices will be on the market. At the same time, the new Scanner HD EXA is beeing presented.


With Gabs AG, HUM-ID has a new powerful distribution partner for Switzerland Further distribution partnerships in other European countries are following. From May 2017, the new HUM-ID Sensor 2nd Generation is shipped. With increased range and improved haptics, the areas of application for HUM-ID can be expanded even further.


The Dachdecker-Einkauf Ost eG becomes the first specialized wholesale partner of HUM-ID, further roofing purchases will follow on the heels. The HUM-ID roof scanner and sensors are simultaneously available at ZEDACH listed. An overview of our distribution partners you can find here. In addition to a large number of detailed reports in the trade press, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung publishes a detailed report on the HUM-ID sensor system in October. An extract of the press mentions you'll find here.


Hum-ID is constantly expanding its roofing partner network. More and more companies are including HUM-ID in their service portfolio. An overview of our partners you'll find here.


The company meets with lively interest during the market launch. In addition to specialist presentations at the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Industriebau and various guest articles in trade magazines, the 11 regional sales representatives bring the brand and product closer to users. An overview of the regional HUM-ID contact persons can be found here.


The HUM-ID GmbH is founded. Hum-ID is a combination of the two terms "Humidityand "Identify. Since autumn 2013, Hum-ID GmbH has been supplying roofers, builders, architects and private users with the high-quality Hum-ID system.


Hum-ID is registered as a trademark. At the same time, the target groups become the focus of product development. The reader's software is developed in extensive usability tests to meet the needs of potential end users.

The early years

Architect and inventor Gerd Müller (64) has worked for more than 25 years as an engineer and expert for a large international consulting firm in the construction and real estate industry. Problems with flat roofs have been with him ever since the building form became increasingly popular in industrial and residential construction. As early as the late 1990s, he therefore experimented with the possibilities of sensor technology to make moisture in the roof visible.

It was not until the triumphant advance of RFID technology at the end of the 00s that the breakthrough came. The wireless transmission of sensor information made his vision of a transparent roof tangible and, above all, feasible. In the months that followed in the lab and in the field, the task was to find the perfect chip with the perfect features. The fine-tuning was completed in the winter of 2011 after a number of test series.