Protect values

How to use HUM-ID wetness sensors in flat roofs to ensure greater operational safety, drastically reduce maintenance costs, and at the same time safeguard property value retention.

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The roof under pressure

Heavy rain, ice, snow, UV radiation: flat roofs are much more directly exposed to environmental influences than pitched roofs. The service life promised by manufacturers is rarely achieved because damage is discovered far too late and a maintenance concept with electronically supported material control is lacking.

A tight roof - long lasting

With HUM-ID's built-in dry warranty, you protect the most important component of your property. The wireless sensors from HUM-ID register wetness and standing water in the roof - simply and accurately. Whether directly during construction to check tightness at interfaces between trades and for acceptance, during ongoing operation for routine roof maintenance, or during a change of ownership as part of technical due diligence: HUM-ID sensors provide clarity on the roof.

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The advantages for builders

during planning

Increased quality standards
of the construction project by planning in sensor technology

during execution

Improved sealing concept
through quick checks during the construction phase

during acceptance

Legally compliant quality control
of roofers and other trades

in operation

Cost reduction through early detection
of leakages and direct repair

during the redevelopment

Undoubted proof of the success of the reorganization
through selective and large-area control

on sale

Increased resale value
through complete leakage protocols

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