The #1
For wireless building control.

The award-winning sensor system for early detection of wetness.
Proven many times. Can be used everywhere.
Trust #1 for the entire building envelope.
HUM-ID in wood construction
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HUM-ID in the press

"The are finding the leak"

Die Fachpresse ist sich einig: Mit Hum-ID hat die Zukunft der Bauwerkskontrolle begonnen.

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HUM-ID in the press

"They are finding the leak"

The trade press agrees: With Hum-ID, the future of roof control has begun.

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HUM-ID in practice

Volle Bauwerkskontrolle

From the regional electric utility to the multinational pharmaceutical company and the municipal hospital chain to the single-family home, Hum-ID is the standard when it comes to effective roof control.

Hum-ID Referenzen 2016
Hum-ID Referenzen München 2016
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Hum-ID Referenzen Berlin 2016