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The 3 components of HUM-ID

The HUM-ID system for checking moisture in components consists of only 3 components. Easy to install and simple to operate, it has become the most popular wireless leak detection system in Germany. Get to know the components and their interaction better.

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Component 1:

The sensors

The wireless HUM-ID sensors Buy HUM-ID sensors and scanners can detect moisture in their environment. The flat chips are integrated directly into the insulation or always inserted exactly where wetness is to be found. 
Component 2:

The Scanner

The handy HUM-ID reader HD EXA queries the wetness status of the sensors via RFID signal. The device is paired with the cell phone via Bluetooth and can be controlled with the HUM-ID app. The scanner is compatible with all HUM-ID sensors. The HUM-ID Scanner HD EXA queries the moisture state of the sensors via RFID signal. The device is paired with the mobile phone via Bluetooth and can be controlled using the HUM-ID app. The scanner is compatible with all HUM-ID sensors. 
Component 3

The HUM-ID App

With the HUM-ID App you control the monitoring from your smartphone. Once the reading device detects a wet sensor, you can pinpoint its location and mark the spot on the floor plan or roof plan. The HUM-ID app is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

... and how they interact

The system is based on the modern, contactless transmission standard RFID and thus enables control through various superstructures. The reader is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. The control (create project, check sensors and create control report) is extremely convenient thanks to the intuitive HUM-ID app.

Step 1

The installation

HUM-ID sensors are wireless - and are therefore extremely easy to integrate into the roof or floor structure. Depending on the installation scenario, they are either inserted into the insulation or placed under the waterproofing. Complicated and cost-intensive wiring is not required because they are passive sensors. Unlike other systems, there are therefore no external costs for installation and operation.
Step 2

The initial control

After the HUM-ID sensors have been integrated into the construction, they can be checked for wetness through many material layers and loads with the HUM-ID reader via RFID. The smartphone app offers the convenient option of clearly assigning the installed sensors to a construction project or a construction section. A project can be created via the intuitive user interface and the initial inspection can be documented with all associated sensors.
Step 3

The follow-up controls

Once a project has been created, it can be called up again at any time - and checked again at any time. The follow-up checks are automatically assigned to the respective construction project. In this way, the status of the sensors can be retrieved perfectly over many years. Moisture damage can be demonstrably identified earlier and appropriate countermeasures can be taken locally. The robust chips are maintenance-free and last the life of a flat roof.
Dachkontrolle in Aktion

Made for the reality

The HUM-ID app has a simple design and is extremely easy to use. That's why no specialized personnel are needed for wetness control. The app was designed from the outset to be compatible with the realities of construction.

Local data storage

Your data is safe. All data is stored exclusively on the user's device. There is no data processing or forwarding to HUM-ID GmbH or third parties.

Practical documentation

From the collected data, a PDF file is automatically generated on the user's device, which can be sent via e-mail, SMS or messaging service. In addition to the data view, the report can also contain an image (e.g. a roof top view) where the exact location of wet sensors can be marked.

Maximum compatible

In addition to a PDF, a CSV file can optionally be created from each control run. This open file format is particularly suitable for all those customers who want to further process the data in other programs.

Simple project export

In case of a change of the controlling company, the project file containing all data of a project can be easily shared via email. In turn, this .hum file can be opened on any smartphone with the HUM-ID app installed.

No additional costs

HUM-ID is available free of charge in the Apple AppStore and the Google Playstore. There are no service fees for using or forwarding the data collected from our customers.

Best service

If you have any problems using the HUM-ID app, please feel free to contact our helpdesk at any time. We are constantly working on improving the app and look forward to your feedback.

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