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Easily install and control sensors

Hum-ID is an extremely simple and at the same time convincingly accurate system. No complex calculation, no wiring, no costly training. The installation is usually done by the installer himself. Learn how simple the process is using the example of a warm roof.


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1. prepare insulation board

The HUM-ID WD 1 sensors are installed in the underside of the insulation boards. To do this, a 10 cm long and 3 cm deep slot is cut in the center of the underside of the insulation. For all insulation materials (except mineral wool), the slit must also be chamfered from both sides (make the edges appear).

2. insert sensors

Now push the sensor into the slot in the direction of the arrow. Now turn the insulation board over so that the sensor is in the bottom side and lay the insulation boards prepared in this way on the dry vapor barrier according to the sensor grid. The sensors should lie in a uniform direction (!) across the readout direction.

3. initial and follow-up checks

Download the HUM-ID app from the AppStore or the Google PlayStore. Create a project in the app and read in each sensor step by step according to the instructions. During the initial check, each sensor is assigned to the project - during subsequent checks of the same project, only these sensors are taken into account. Make sure that you read in all installed sensors during the initial check.


Quick overview: Installation and control of the sensors


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